Presenting the phased approach of Grape Syndicate v2

Presenting the phased approach of Grape Syndicate v2


This post aims to present a new initiative to the DAO: Grape Syndicate v2. The intention of Grape Syndicate v2 is to explore potential uses of the DAO treasury for ventures, ecosystem support, and treasury growth.

As this is a big undertaking, it will be executed in multiple phases, where each phase builds upon the findings of earlier phases.

Phase 1 is focused on establishing an Exploratory Committee and evaluating options.

Phase 2 involves testing and developing key performance indicators (KPIs).

Phase 3 will, if approved, launch Syndicate v2 to utilize the Grape treasury and develop the necessary tooling.

Each phase may be subject to confirmation by the DAO via realms.

Description Phase 1

During Phase 1, an Exploratory Committee consisting of up to 5 members will be formed. The committee will operate for 3 months, evaluating the goals, expectations, and possible risk profiles associated with using the DAO treasury within the Solana ecosystem. The first month is dedicated to devising a general direction and laying out an initial framework.

The main objective of the Exploratory Committee is to craft a follow-up proposal that introduces a viable strategy and necessary processes to use the DAO treasury. This proposal sets the groundwork for comprehensive exploration, planning, and tooling development, enabling the DAO to make informed decisions.

Details on budget can be found in the realms proposal.

Description Phase 2

Details of Phase 2 are TBD and dependent on the learnings of Phase 1, which has not been completed at time of writing.

Phase 2will be the testing phase, potentially lasting up to 4 months. This phase will involve evaluating and developing key performance indicators (KPIs), potential tooling, community engagement, and a reward scheme (Syndicate v2). Defining mid to long-term goals for the DAO’s treasury utilization will also be prioritized.

Description Phase 3

Details of Phase 3 are TBD and dependent on the learnings of Phase 1 and Phase 2, which have not been completed at time of writing.

In Phase 3, the committee will launch Syndicate v2 and commence the practical utilization of the Grape Treasury. The committee will focus on building the necessary tooling for effective treasury management and utilization.

Itemized TLDR:

Phase 1

  • exploratory committee
    • up to 5 members (see separate rewards thread here)
    • up to 3 months
  • evaluate options regarding:
    • goals & expectations
    • timeframe
    • possible risk profiles
    • proposed budget
  • identify possible blockers
  • guidelines suggestion for Syndicate v2
  • proposal suggestion for 2nd phase

Phase 2

  • Details TBD and WIP
  • testing phase
  • up to 4 months
  • develop KPIs
    • risk profiles
    • metrics
    • processes
  • evaluate possible tooling
  • evaluate community engagement & reward scheme (Syndicate v2)
  • define mid to long-term goals

Phase 3

  • Details TBD and WIP
  • launch of Syndicate v2
  • utilize Grape treasury
  • build tooling

This idea has been in the works for nearly two months now and we hope that it appeals to the DAO. It was discussed in multiple DAO Calls and well received. The positive feedback helped us push this further and craft the plan we laid out here.
I am personally looking forward to all comments and feedback :heart:

People involved so far: @DyNite , @CryptoPawz , @CoffeeAttack and me

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