Rewards approach for the Exploratory Committee for Grape Syndicate v2

1. Proposal Purpose:

This post provides a place for discussing compensation for the members of Grape Syndicate v2.

  • The general description of Grape Syndicate v2 can be found here

2. Grape Proposal Overview:

  • The proposed compensation for the Exploratory Committee is 500 USDC per month
  • Compensation in GRAPE was explored, but feedback was that it is currently difficult to decide what amount of governance power would be a good fit
  • The first month of work has already been completed
  • Going forward for the next 2 months, we would like to include an allocation to reward possible contributions by DAO members that are not members of the Exploratory committee. The allocation is proposed to be 500 USDC, the same as for each member.

3. Stakeholders

  • Grape DAO
  • Members of the Exploratory Committee
    – CryptoPawz
    – CoffeeAttack
    – DyNite
    – riderinred
  • DAO members who want to contribute to Grape Syndicate v2 via bounties

4. Costs/Resource Requirements:

  • 1 month x (4 members x 500 USDC) + 2 months x ((4 members + 1 allocation for bounties) x 500 USDC) = 7k USDC
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Good job & good luck on this endeavor

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