Skill Role - Ambassador

After we purchased our SMB and after I heard Butters proposal in the last DAO call (to create a channel on each partner server), I was thinking to introduce a new skill role, Ambassador. We could have an ambassador for the blue chip NFT DAO’s. This doest mean we will go and buy more NFT’s from the market, nonono! We already have thugbirds in the treasury and as GRAPE DAO members, we have gecko members, Degods etc…


  1. They should be responsible for the communication between the two projects which might remove work load from our existing team. Handling first stage requests, reporting or creating tickets.

  2. They could be responsible for finding synergies with GRAPE, drafting business development proposals between the two projects should be their task.

  3. Reporting news back and forth the two communities faster and cleaner.

  4. Extracting and sharing Alpha.

This action reinforces the bond between the two projects, optimizes the utulitization of our NFT treasury and DAO HR. It will also recude the workload of our excisting team handling requests -tickets and it helps DAO members find a skill role that suits them.

This obviously is a basic proposal and should be enriched.


Grape Ambassador was something that came to my mind too after we bought the Monke. Could be really exciting but will need a lot of planning and execution, not to forget creating responsibility and accountability too. My first thought was to get existing community creators and researchers onboard to make a pilot for this plan, see who’s up for a trial and take it from there. Really want to hear what the community has to say on this. Like @DeanMachine and @Arximedis mentioned in the DAO call, we’ll need to have an actionable plan to execute this.


I think that any good organization of a decent size should have liaisons with partners to better facilitate these partnerships, so I am all for this idea. It will also give people oriented towards such things something meaningful to do in contribution to Grape as a whole.


We should have one person act as the example ambassador. Leading by example here would make it much easier to articluate a role

Would yo consider being DeGods ambassador as a first step @BloodBath1 ?


I’m happy to volunteer as the thugbirdz ambassador if required.


Yes ofcourse Dean I am willing to do that as a start example.


Already reported this weeks news in our discord (nft council channel) and drafted basic proposals of how to actually benefit from the news. These are just an example of a few days work.


FYI the researchers voted @Durden for SMB ambassador. The thugbird ambassador is still pending since we have multiple canditates.

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No sir, it’s easymoneyding.chachang


My bad sorry for the mix up

I think this is a great idea. Grape would also benefit from this because its easy to communicate things between Grape and the other projects if there are common interests or upcoming cooperations.


This sounds like a great idea. Do we need an ambassador for Lotus Gang?


I think #4 should be a key skill role for any ambassador. Almost every good project’s discord has a closed alpha chat, and if we they all report back of what these various collectors are buzzing about, then that could turn into actionable alpha for our Grape tiered members.

  • Well if we are granted with Diplomatic immunity , i gladly want to be an Ambassador .
    Jokes aside i believe that we all are acting as Ambassadors in all the servers we are in , inform more deeply this back to Grape and watch if in the servers make any false claims about Grape ,or truth facts that we have to improve.
  • Ok in this case is different because we have to give rights for the SMB .
  • In my case im nearly from the start in GenesysGo Channel and i think it will be very active and lots of things are going to happen post and after IDO.
  • So i will be happy to be the SSC ambassador .
  • And to go all this a bit further maybe we can create a list that everyone from the DAO can assign any protocol that he is very familiar NFT or not in order to know where to rich for specific cross checking information. On a second thought this may increase pings but we can use this responsible .ok needs improvement but if u think its something we can do i will put it in more detailed form.

I can volunteer to be part of the Degen Ape Ambassador, I follow their NFT mint squad and some other alpha channels. If that’s something that will be of interest to the grape community.


Hello join our discord please for more info! Although we have not embrassed the skill role, I would love to talk more about it.